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Wheel Reconditioning

Wheel Reconditioning and Refurbishment Services

As part of our inspection and diagnostic services, we advise fleet and owner/operators when it’s time to recondition any one of their commercial truck’s wheels. Aside from giving your vehicle a clean and professional appearance, Best One will make sure your wheels are up to code to prevent violations.
Rusty and Worn Wheel that has been reconditioned and painted

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Our Wheel Reconditioning Process

  • Inspect for cracks, rust, and other damage
  • Power wash dirt, grime, oil and any other substance sticking to your wheels
  • Apply a zinc coat to slow the rusting process
  • Powder Coated for a clean finish and extra protection
  • Cured to harden the finish
  • Inspected again upon project completion
Frequently Asked Questions

Wheel Reconditioning FAQs

Usually one week, two weeks in the peak season (May-August/September)

We carry used wheels that are reconditioned if you need to buy one.

The life of a wheel is based on the application. We would like to see 2-3 years before reconditioning it. Some fleets use chemicals to wash their vehicles, which can harm their wheels. This can shorten the life to as little as six months.