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Vehicle Suspension Services Including Inspections, Maintenance and Repair

If your suspension starts to go in your truck, tractor, or trailer, trust the pros at Best One to inspect, evaluate and ultimately repair or replace your faulty suspension parts. We service Bowling Green, KY, Glasgow, KY and the surrounding southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee area.

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Common Suspension Problems We Repair

  • Coil or Leaf Springs – If you feel your truck start to sag, bounce excessively on bumps, is noisier than usual, or sway excessively on turns, it may be time to have your springs replaced. 
  • King Pin – Worn-out kingpins make it difficult for the driver to steer, causing danger for the driver and others. Best One excels at routine kingpin maintenance, repair, and replacement. We’ll make sure your 5th wheel and kingpin are properly locked, lubricated, and safe to drive.
  • Shock Absorbers, Struts and Anti-Sway Bars – Generally, commercial truck shocks and struts should be replaced every 150,000 miles. Still, depending on the use, climate, and additional factors, they might need to be substituted earlier. Other vehicles such as farm tractors, OTR vehicles, and industries work on uneven roads and job sites, putting a lot of strain on the suspension system.
  • Tie Rod Ends – In other similar cases with suspension, if you notice unusual tire wear, your steering wheel is harder to control, and your vehicle starts making strange sounds, it could be tie rod failure.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Suspension System FAQs

Truck suspension are made up of parts and components, which work together to ensure you maintain complete control over your vehicle while having a smooth ride. Over time, as parts of your suspension wear out, you will start to notice a drop in your trucks driving performance. You might feel your vehicle begin to pull to one side of the road. Your tires might show uneven wear. You may feel your vehicle shaking at high speeds or when slowing down. In any case,

Lack of greasing is the number one destroyer of suspension, which prematurely wears out suspension parts. You’d be surprised at the number of fleets that don’t get their preventative maintenance done. When we perform an oil change during preventive maintenance, we will grease the entire vehicle.