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Best One Coin

Our Mission

We ask all 41 Best One associates to carry a coin with our core values in their pockets daily.

  • Commit to the pursuit of perfection
  • Live with integrity, character, and passion
  • Accept the urgency of accountability and the necessity of change
  • Possess a servant’s attitude

We're a proud part of the Southern Kentucky business community for over 20 years.

We consider the Best One team to be a family. We spend the extra time with employees to build strong relationships and improve the quality of our work.

We don’t just want to provide a good service but a top-notch service.

Best One Bowling Green Owners

"I have been blessed to have been mentored by some of the most influential businessmen in our industry. It would be a great disservice to them if I turned the mentor button off."

- Wes McAdams, Owner & Coach

Best One employee balancing wheel

Best One Fleet Service is a commercial tire and repair in Bowling Green, KY and Glasgow, KY.

When a trucker or customer shows up to our facilities, they’ll see a 78,000 square foot building and ten bays they can pull a truck in and a larger amount of inventory than they’re used to seeing. We are capable of handling a tremendous amount of volume day-to-day.

We excel at same day service.

We built a business on things that need a quick turnaround. Businesses can’t afford to wait 4-5 days for simple repairs. When you’re stranded on the side of the road or bring your vehicle into our shop we are very good about getting the job done before we go home. We can turn around: tires, brakes, lights, alignments, and more in a day or less.

Best One Employee test the tire pressure of a dump truck