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Trailer Repair

Commercial Trailer Body Repair, Maintenance​, and Refurbishment

With their constant use on the road, trailer wear and tear is inevitable. We have a long list of solutions from light-duty to commercial truck trailers. We repair trailers for owner-operators up to large commercial truck fleets. Our goal is to keep your trailers fully operational and up to code.

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Major Collision and Body Repair

When your trailer is involved in an accident or damaged due to ongoing use, we’ll fix the structural integrity and keep it within code. We’ll assess the damage for an accurate estimate and work with your insurance provider to recuperate costs associated with parts and labor.

Our 78,000 square foot shop is fully equipped to restore your trailer. Our skilled technicians service your trailer quickly.

Common Trailer Repairs

Best One, as an organization, is the second-largest commercial tire dealer in the country. When you need to replace your trailer tires or have issues with your current set, you can depend on any of the 150 locations across 28 states to quickly take care of any need you have regarding tires. Learn more about our tire shop.

ICC bumper repair is one of our most common jobs we get because of the constant damage trailers incur during the routine docking process. A damaged ICC bumper will keep your trailer off the road due, and you could rack up expensive fines.

Proper trailer alignment allows for the smoothest ride possible and prevents wear on your tires and suspension. We can inspect and align all your trailer’s wheels and axles so you can safely haul.

From loading and unloading cargo to damage caused by water, grime, and extreme temperatures, trailer flooring takes a beating. It’s only a matter of time before sections of floorboards or the entire trailer floor require replacement. When it shows signs of rotting, loose boards, and cracks, we’ll replace your trailer’s floor.

Your trailer’s roof protects cargo from rain, sun, and pests. When the integrity of your roof is compromised, you run the risk of damaging cargo and potentially becoming a hazard on the road. We can inspect and repair roofs when they have leaks, cracks, holes, or structural damage. Don’t let a minor issue with your trailer’s roof cause further, more expensive damage to your trailer.

Because of the nature of loading and unloading cargo, trailer doors get dinged up often. Essential parts like hinges, cam locks, and roll-up doors can malfunction when damaged or knocked out of position. If you can’t properly close or secure your trailer’s door while traveling, you are a danger to other vehicles on the road and risk cargo loss. Additionally, the trailer door’s structure can be compromised to ongoing use and exposure to the elements such as water, grime, and dirt. We will repair or replace your door and parts to keep your trailer safe and secure.

Types of lift gates we install, replace and service:

  • Conventional Lift Gate
  • Railgate
  • Stowaway

Trailer frames and their structural integrity are constantly put to the test from road conditions, accidents, and heavy cargo. Most trailers show signs of frame damage, it’s inevitable, but even minor damage could be an indicator of a bigger problem and, if left untreated, could be costly. Our team will inspect your trailer, test the frame, and make necessary repairs to its structure to keep you within code as well as safe on the road.

Many truckers drive at night, especially during the darker winter months. It’s important to stay well lit and have fully functioning trailer lights. Best One will replace turn signal/hazard, brake, back up, ground, and clearance/side marker lights.

When your electrical system malfunctions, our expert technicians can pinpoint the problem and replace the piece or wiring causing issues to the system.

Best One can handle trailer brake repair and maintenance. Please visit our brake page to learn more.

When your handling performance dips, you start noticing vibrations in your cab, and trailer tires show unusual wear-and-team, it’s time to have your trailer suspension inspected. Learn more about our suspension services here.