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We Offer Tires Sales and Service in Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee

When your vehicle needs a new set of tires or your current ones require repair, trust the pros at Best One Fleet Service. With over 20 years of experience, our TIA-certified technicians will develop a cost-effective solution to get your trucks and trailers back in operation fast!

Did you break down on the road or have heavy machinery that is a hassle to bring into the shop? Our operators can perform onsite replacements and repairs 24/7.

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Flat Tire Repair

Did you know most tire punctures can be repaired to a safe and reliable condition? When tires are incorrectly repaired, additional damage may eliminate your retreading opportunities or even end with a dangerous tire failure. When you choose Best One Fleet Service for a commercial tire repair, you can rest assured knowing our team is on the job. We scrutinize your tire for damage to determine whether or not it is safe to repair. If eligible, then the tire penetrations are mended using the Plug & Patch method wherein our technicians:

  • Install a “plug” at the penetration site to protect steel belts from moisture
  • Place a “patch” on the tire’s inner lining to shield the puncture and maintain air pressure

Flat-Proofing Tires

If flat tires continue to plague your industrial equipment, eliminate the chance. Rough and rugged environments have a knack for slowing down progress through tire punctures. Let our technicians maximize the life of your industrial tires with Arnco Flatproofing. During the service, our team removes air from your tires and fills them with an advanced, solid foam that virtually eliminates flats. Arnco foam also prevents rim corrosion, valve stem damage, and steel belt wear, while minimizing the impact on ride and fuel economy.

Our premium brands have proven over the years to solve all of your industrial tire needs. Our industrial tire experts are experienced in the industry and we pride ourselves on being your industrial experts for years to come.

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All manufacturers of tires come with a warranty against defects. We don’t offer any road hazard or extended warranty policies.

Yes, we have several ways to financing your tire purchase. Please visit our financing page for more information.

Yes, we have 300 locations in 28 states.